feeling overwhelmedSome children are born easy – they usually do what you ask them to do with no complaining, and they are happy and content most of the time.  Other children are not so easy.  Unexpected demands or requests, a change in plans, or simply just being asked to do something that the child does not want to do, can result in explosions of anger and tears, in slamming doors, and refusing to talk.

Dr. Ross Greene's approach to solving problems collaboratively and proactively begins with the assumption that kids do well if they can, and if a kid is not doing well, it is because something is getting in the way. The most important thing that adults can do for a child with challenging behaviours is to work with the child to figure out what is getting in the way, and to collaborate in finding solutions that meet both the child's and the adults' concerns. 

Recognizing that rewards and punishments do not help anyone figure out what makes challenging children clallenging, Dr. Greene's problem solving approach teaches caregivers to work with children in a way that helps them develop important cognitive skills, while in the process, reducing the number of explosions or tantrums.

More information on Dr. Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (formally known as Collaborative Problem Solving) can be found at livesinthebalance.org, and in Greene’s books,The Explosive Child, Lost at School, and Raising Human Beings (due out in August).

feeling confident

Jeanne Williams has been certified by Dr. Ross Greene as a CPS Provider, and is available to guide parents and their children through the process of learning and using this well-studied approach to helping kids with challenging behaviours.

If you are interested in talking with Jeanne about whether this unique approach would be helpful to your child, feel free to call (780-757-8880) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to set up a free consultation. 

(NOTE from Jeanne: Sometimes I can respond to emails faster than to phone calls)